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High School Classroom Activities

Classroom Activities: High School

 High School (Grades 9-12)
Coming Clean with Enzymes* Enzyme action in bacteria.
How Long Will I Be Blue* Fermentation of sugar by yeast.
Rumbly in my Tummy* Lactose intolerance including recipe for making yogurt.
It's a Gas* Fermentation of sugar by yeast.
Something's Glowing Bacterial fluorescence.
Disinfectants Consumer Report on Common Household Disinfectants.
Slick Oil* Oil degradation by bacteria.
They're Everywhere* Food microbiology and methods of food preservation.
Something's Rotten in the Vegetable Bin* A model for disease transmission using vegetables.
Bugs that make Drugs that Kill Bugs Antibotic production by microbes.
Cultivating Yogurt The microbiology of yogurt.
Bacteria in Milk Milk microbiology.
Water Quality Water quality lab.
Root Nodulation Microbes Fertilize Plants
Bacillus Isolate a strain of the bacterium Bacillus from soil.
Is Bleach a Good Disinfectant lab? Determine the concentration of bleach that kills E. coli.
Micropipettor Quantitative analysis of micropipettor skills.