St. Louis Mercantile Library

Herman T Pott: Collections Directory - Numerical Listing


Alphabetical listing of Special Collections

Collection Name
Collection Number
Shelving Location
Book and Periodical Holdings
The Waterways Journal Collection P-1 Archives
Federal Barge Lines Collection P-2 Archives
Ruth Ferris Collection of River Life and Lore P-3 Archives
Jim Swift Collection P-4 Archives
Dorothy Heckmann Shrader Collection P-5 Archives
John A. Creedy Papers and Photographs Collection P-6 Archives
Captain Thomas E. Kenny Photograph Collection P-7 Archives
Ray Covington Photograph Collection P-8 Archives
American Waterways Operators (AWO) Collection P-9 Archives
Greene Line Collection P-10 Archives
William F. and Betty Streckfus Carroll Collection P-11 Archives
Claude Strauser, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District Collection P-12 Depository
"Names of Steamboats" Compiled by Capt. F. L. (Fielding) Wooldridge P-13 Archives
Bill Williams Bridge Collection P-14 Depository
National Waterways Conference, Inc. P-15 Archives
Neil H. Whitehead Marine Collection P-16 Archives
Anton Drabik Collection P-17 Archives
Franklin A. Phillips Photograph Collection P-18 Archives
Richard C. Brasington Photograph Collection P-19 Archives
Captain G. W. Hill Letters P-20 Archives
Kanawha River Steamboat Ledgers and Logbooks Collection P-21 Archives
Vessel Models P-22 Archives
Ronald Mueller Photograph Collection P-23 Archives
Msgr. Edward Eichor Collection P-24 Archives
Golden Eagle River Musuem Collection P-25 Archives
Capt. Donald T. Wright Collection P-26 Archives
Capt. Roy A. Miller Collection P-27 Archives
John Miller Collection P-28 Archives
Carlton Kobush Blueprint Collection P-29 Archives
Rose Barge Line Collection P-30 Archives
Diary of Charles de Hault de Lassus P-31 Safe
Argo-Keiser Family Collection P-32 Archives
Missouri River Steamboat Journey Manuscript, 1857 P-33 Safe

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