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P-34: Dairy of Riverboat Deckhand Charles Allen Smith, Kept on a Trip Down the Ohio River to New Orleans and Back, dated 1885-1886

Abstract:  This diary tells of deckhand Charles Allen Smith's experience working on the Kate Timmons, built in 1865. The particular voyage detailed in the diary is from the Ohio River (departure place unknown) to New Orleans, where Smith arrived on December 17, 1885, and spent about a week. Smith then went back up the Mississippi and Ohio to Vevay, IN, and was sent home on the Louisville short line to Pomeroy, Ohio, arriving January 14th, 1886. The crew of the Kate Timmons is listed as: Captain John Capehart, pilots Captain Dan de Woolf and William Hepenistall, mate Dave Hartley, watchman Albert Capehart, engineer George Capehart and James Starkey, firemen Cad Priece and Matt Blaine, and four deckhandsand a woman cook.

Repository: St. Louis Mercantile Library Special Collections

Creator - Writer of accompanying material: Smith, Charles Allen, 1863-1936

Date: 1885-1886


Due to the fragile nature of this collection, access to the collection may be restricted. Please contact the library for further information.

Copyright Information: The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright libel, and property laws as they apply.

A finding aid for the collection is available:

P-34 Diary of Riverboat Deckhand Charles Allen Smith, Kept on a Trip Down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River to New Orleans and Back, dated 1885-1886.(pdf)

Subject Headings: 

• River Steamers

• Voyages and Travel

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