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M-155: Netsuke Reference Collection

HISTORY: Formed by a distinguished St. Louis collector of Japanese art, Walter Schott, who was particularly interested in the small, elaborately carved toggles known as Netsuke that are used to fasten small containers and pouches to a kimono sash, this group of books, periodicals, catalogs and photographs comprise an important resource for the study of a highly collectible art object indigenous to the Far East.

SCOPE: The collection covers the entire history of the netsuke art form in a comprehensive fashion, from medieval times to the present.

HOLDINGS: Approximately 100 books and periodicals; 200 photographs and slides; sample netsuke.

ACCESS: Special Collection M-155 monographs are catalogued and accessible through OCLC records (online-catalog). Portions of the collection may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photocopied depending on condition.

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