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M-141: William K. Bixby Collection

HISTORY: William K. Bixby (1857-1931) was a wealthy St. Louis businessman and philanthropist who collected rare books and manuscripts.

SCOPE: The collection is composed of sixty-two inscribed and annotated works (see spreadsheet) donated to the St. Louis Mercantile Library by William K. Bixby.  These can be found in the Merlin library catalog.  These books constitute presentation copies with annotations of manuscripts subsequently published by the omnivourous collection.  The collection also includes a type-written manuscript bound in lion skin describing Bixby's adventure on an African safari.  The work contains many images of animals, people, and the cultures of the areas he visited.

HOLDINGS: Sixty-two printed works and one original manuscript.

ACCESS: Due to rarity and condition, access to this collection is limited.  Please contact the Mercantile Library staff for further information.

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