St. Louis Mercantile Library

P-12: Claude N. Strauser U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District Collection


HISTORY: This collection documents the design and construction of levees and other river management works.

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Alabama, Belle of Calhous, Homer Wright, Illinoiss, Kewana, Marian, Tennessee Belle Shipping Book (March 1, 1926 November 22, 1926)

New Idlewild, Neelys Landing, MO, bills of Lading Book (May 31, 1893 October 18, 1893)

Discharge Observations Mississippi River, Clayton, Iowa (December 5, 1880 May 4, 1881) 596, W.G. Price, Assistant Engineer in Charge

Record of Discharges Work Done on the Ohio River at Paducah, KY (December 28, 1881 July 6, 1882) 864 W.G. Price, Assistant Engineer in Charge


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