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Why use the Campus Mediation Service?

If an employee has a disagreement with another person in the workplace, often the best solution is to reach an understanding through direct meeting and discussion. If, however, the two parties have discussed the matter and are unable to resolve their disagreement, mediation may be a helpful alternative to consider, for the following reasons:

  • It is applicable to many situations where an employee may not want to file a formal grievance.

  • It is informal and cooperative. Mediation focuses on resolving the dispute, not on deciding who is right or wrong. To promote this problem-solving approach, all discussions are confidential.

  • It may lead to a quick resolution of the dispute. Mediations can be arranged quickly and the sessions will usually be concluded in a few hours.

  • It gets effective results. Since agreements are reached only by mutual consent, they are likely to be long-lasting and satisfactory to both parties. If both parties do not agree to participate in mediation, or if a settlement is not reached through mediation, the employee will still be entitled to file a formal grievance.