Related Areas

Related Areas

In order to broaden student understanding of the sources and uses of mathematics, the department requires all degree candidates must complete all courses in a number of the groups below with a grade of C- or better. Many of these courses have prerequisites. Check the University of Missouri-St. Louis Bulletin for details.

Candidates for B.A. in Mathematics must satisfy the requirements in one of the groups below with a grade of C- or better.  Candidates for the B.S.Ed. in Mathematics  and B.S. in Mathematics must satisfy the requirements in two of the groups below with a grade of C- or better. 

If candidates choose group 2, then they cannot apply either the two courses listed in that group towards the additional 4000 level mathematics courses (beyond the core requirements) that must be completed for each of these degrees.

Students seeking a double degree, either within this department or with another department, do not have to fulfill the related area requirements.

1) Computer Science:  
Two courses from the following list:
2250 Programming and Data Structures
2700 Computer Architecture and Organization
3130 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
4140 Theory of Computation
4410 Computer Graphics
4420 Introduction to Digital Image Processing

2) Statistics
4200 Mathematical Statistics I
4210 Mathematical Statistics II
 3) Biology
 2102 General Ecology
 2103 General Ecology Laboratory
 4) Biology
 2012 Genetics
 4182 Population Biology
 5) Chemistry
 1111 Introductory Chemistry I
 1121 Introductory Chemistry II
 6) Chemistry
 3312 Physical Chemistry I
 and another 3000-level, or above, chemistry course.
 7) Economics
 1001 Principles of Microeconomics 
 1002 Principles of Macroeconomics 
 4100 Introduction to Econometrics
 8) Philosophy
 3360 Formal Logic
 3380 Philosophy of Science
 9) Physics
 2111 Physics: Mechanics and Heat
 2112 Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics
 10) Physics
 3221 Mechanics 
 and another 3000-level, or above, physics course.
 11) Business Administration
3320 Advanced Supply Chain 
         and Operations Management
 4350 Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization
 12) Engineering
 2310 Statics
 2320 Dynamics