Major Field Exams

Graduating seniors in computer science and mathematics are required to take an assessment examination in their major fields.  Our department uses tests that are prepared by the Educational Testing Service.  If you are a double major you are required to only take one exam.  Students are required to complete a Major Field Assessment (MFA) test before they can graduate.  Students take the exam in their last semester of study.  You must be on the graduation list that the department receives from the College of Arts and Sceinces in order to take the exam.  Students should apply for graduation at least two semesters prior to their intended graduation date.  This will ensure they are on the graduation list and are able to take the exam on schedule. 

During regular semesters we try to give the exam at least two weeks prior to the final exam week.  All students on the graduation list for Fall 2017 will receive a letter from the department chair, sometime in October, with details on how to register for the exam.   

If you have questions, please contact Kimberly Stanger at