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Career Outlook

Careers in Computing Related Fields

Employment of computer and information technology careers are growing fast.  Click on a few that interest you and check out the link below to see occupations that might be of interest and how to best prepare for these exciting jobs.

Examples of Successful Stories

Earnings and Job Growth

Professional Associations

What is happening with our department graduates?

42% of recent graduates reported having jobs/offers before graduation, with the average salary of $65k


Careers in Mathematical Related Fields

A major in mathematics prepares you for a wide array of jobs and careers. Doing research in mathematics and/or teaching mathematics at a university requires an advanced degree in mathematics. However, many people with Bachelors or Masters degrees work in research groups with engineers or scientists. Many software engineers or computer systems analysts entered the field with degrees in mathematics. The government often hires mathematicians and statisticians (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of the Census, NSA, Department of Defense, etc.). The insurance industry hires mathematics majors for careers in actuarial science. Many mathematics majors go into banking and finance. The logical and analytical skills fostered through the study of mathematics are attractive to a wide range of employers.

Professional Societies

AMS  American Mathematical Society

MAA  Mathematical Association of America

SIAM  Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

ASA    American Statistical Association

AWM   Association for Women in Mathematics

NAM    National Association of Mathematicians

Further Career Information

UMSL Career Services, 278 MSC    

Information specifically for math majors

Society of Actuaries
Casualty Actuary Society
Mathematical Sciences Career Information (joint project of AMS, MAA, SIAM)
Resources for Undergraduates in Mathematics, MAA
Career information, SIAM, AMSTAT, AWM