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D. Goswami, S. K. Bhatia, and A. Samal. RISE: A Robust Image Search Engine. Pattern Recognition Research Horizons. Nova Publishers. 2007. (To appear).

This paper expands on the conference article by the same name and presents the techniques on all aspects of our image database in detail. 

D. Goswami and S. K. Bhatia. RISE: A Robust Image Search EngineProceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology. E. Lansing, MI. May 2006.

This paper presents our first forays into the web interface for the image database and the use of a commercial relational database (Oracle) on the back end. We also report the use of perceptual color space to improve the effectiveness of retrieval, while the use of commercial database improves the efficiency of retrieval.

B. Benes, V. Tesinsky, J. Hornys, and S. K. Bhatia. Hydraulic Erosion. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds17:2, pp. 99-108. February 2006.

In this paper, we present a generalized physically-based model to show erosion caused by water flow. This model uses the solution of Navier-Stokes equations to provide the dynamics of velocity and pressure. The model shows terrain morphogenesis and can be used for animation as well as static scene generation.

S. K. Bhatia. Regular Expressions. Computer Apex. Summer 2005.

This paper is a tutorial on the use of regular expressions in Unix.



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