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ebrary eBooks

Using ebrary eBooks

- Please note: Page limits vary by book -

ebrary offers two online options for reading their titles.  The first works in most web browsers and provides basic functionality.  The second is their online Reader application.

  • To use the basic viewer, just navigate to the title you wish to view in your web browser.  Click the "Read Online" button and you will be able to access the eBook (instructions).
  • Some features will require you to log in using an ebrary account.  This account is free and allows you to create your own virtual bookshelf, highlight passages, add notes, and create bookmarks.  You will also need an ebrary account if you wish to download full copies of an eBook to your computer or mobile device.
  • To download the entire eBook to your computer or mobile device, you will need to log in using your ebrary account and then download and install additional software (instructions).