Many UMSL databases have full-text articles to which faculty, staff, and students are entitled access. Rather than upload an entire document to MyGateway, consider placing an "External Link" with directions on how to retrieve the article.

Or use the following steps:

  • Once you know which database has a full-text article, go to the library's alphabetical list of databases to retrieve the link for that database.

  • Click on the link for the database from the alphabetical list to retrieve the library description of the database. Copy the link from the location bar at the top of your web brower. You will post the link to the database description, which should look something like this:


    Search JSTOR

    Format: Full-Text

    Description: University of Missouri - St. Louis has access to the following JSTOR Collections:







In MyGateway, post an External Link using the link to the database description above. Post directions on how to search for the document you wish retrieved, e.g.,

Chinese Painting and Archaic Greek Art
This link connects to the library database, JSTOR. Click on the link "Search JSTOR." Once connected, submit a search for "Chinese Painting and Archaic Greek Art" to retrieve the article.