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Why EAP?

Why should you study English for Academic Purposes at UMSL?

The English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) at UMSL develops learners who are both linguistically and culturally competent and ready to engage in their studies at the university and excel in their chosen fields.

The program at UMSL offers a range of opportunities for students to bring their language skills up to the expected level needed in listening and notetaking for academic lectures, speaking informally and formally in regular classrooms, reading and synthesis of ideas for deep understanding, building vocabulary and writing to explain academic ideas.

The curriculum demands active learning and diligent students who understand the necessity to focus on improving their language skills as a key to success in further studies.  Dedicated and caring English language faculty at UMSL strive to meet students where they are in their learning and take them to the next level of proficiency.

Students can expect a challenging environment which hones their ability to collaborate and interact in every course. EAP students at all levels are a part of a larger learning community connected through the English for Academic Purposes website, the Friends without Borders club, and numerous activities throughout the year. Our students are encouraged to further their language skills and cultural competence by engaging in our programs and other extracurricular activities offered on campus.

Studying English for Academic Purpose provides students with valuable skills to think critically, negotiate familiar and unfamiliar situations, evaluate and analyze texts, and communicate with a variety of people.  Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but in the multiple opportunities the English for Academic Purposes and UMSL campus organizations offer outside the classroom.