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Rosa Brefeld

rosa brefeldCoordinator of English for Academic Purposes

Associate Teaching Professor

Education:  PhD (2015), University of Missouri-St Louis.

Rosa has been teaching English as a Second Language all of her professional life. Her many years of teaching ESL, mainly in pre-university programs, gives her multiple resources to help students improve their English. She has also directed English for Academic Purposes programs at Washington University, and worked in other higher education settings for more than thirty years. She enjoys teaching, hiking, traveling, and speaking other languages; she speaks Spanish and French and has studied Farsi.   As an undergraduate, she earned a BA in French and she earned an MA in TESOL at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Personal History: Rosa grew up in Trenton Illinois and finished high school at Mater Dei, in Breese, Illinois. She studied French and lived in Grenoble, France for one year, traveling to many countries in Europe and northern Africa.

Professional Activities:  One of her first professional jobs was in Venezuela, South America, where she taught technical English at the Instituto Universitario de Tecnologia in Valle de la Pascua for three years. At that time she had an opportunity to travel to various South American countries as well.  In the U. S., Rosa taught at St Louis University and Southern Illinois University and St Louis Community College before working at Washington University as the assistance director and coordinator for testing and then as the director of the English Language Program.  While at Washington University, she helped developed a Business English Speaking class, an English for Architecture class, and an English for Social Work class.  She received the Pat on the Back award for service from MIDTESOL and she has served on the board of directors as president and past president for MIDTESOL. Recently, Rosa completed her doctorate degree in Education with an emphasis in teaching and learning processes. Her dissertation work was titled: Practitioner Inquiry: Teaching literacy with English Language Learners.  She has also published articles in peer-reviewed journals, Linguistics in Education and The Geography Teacher, and has had her work included in The Conference Proceedings for MIDTESOL:  Cultivating best practices in ESL, 2013-2014 and in the Missouri Reader (2012). Rosa has also had a chapter of her work included in an anthology: English Language Education in a Global World:  Research and Practices (2017).  Rosa has given numerous presentations in the MIDTESOL, TESOL, and at the Ethnography Forum at the University of Pennsylvania, and in an invited talk about assessment in Taiwan and about qualitative research in Thailand.  Rosa has specialized in teaching reading and writing and is passionate about teaching all literacy skills, but she also enjoys teaching speaking and listening, and hybrid courses like Business English to international students.