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Academic Programs

Language and Cultural Studies offers courses in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, as well as a Dual Language Professional option, leading to the B.A. in Modern Language degree, and an emphasis in each of these languages for students seeking the B.S. Ed. in Secondary Education as well as the B.A. in Modern Language with Master’s Level Coursework for Secondary Teacher Certification.  In addition, the program offers courses in English for Academic Purposes, Arabic, Chinese, German, Modern Greek, and Latin.

Degree Requirements

All courses for the major must be passed with a grade of C- or better. No course required for the major may be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (s/u) basis with the exception of those taken abroad as part of a university program that has received departmental approval.

Bachelor of Arts

All students seeking a B.A. in a Modern Language must successfully complete FL 2100 Languages and World View, and must meet the departmental requirement of a minimum of 33 hours in French or 33 hours in German or 37 hours in Japanese or 35 hours in Spanish (excluding Language 1001 and 1002). The maximum number of hours that may be taken in the major is 45 (including Language 1001 and 1002). In addition, students seeking the B.A. in Modern Language who desire a teaching certificate must also take FGN LANG 4589 (same as SEC ED 4589), Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, FGN LANG 4590 (same as SEC ED 4590), Foreign Language Teaching Seminar, and fulfill the professional secondary education requirements of the College of Education.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Those students seeking the B.S.Ed. degree, with a concentration in a modern language, are required to complete 30 hours of work (excluding credit for Language 1001 and 1002) of which 9 hours must be on the 4000 level. Students working toward a degree in elementary education, with related work in a modern language, should consult the College of Education concerning their program.

Post Baccalaureate Certification Students

Students who have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking teacher certification in a language must have completed 30 hours in that language and will be required to take the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview exam to determine proficiency. Students who do not demonstrate sufficient proficiency will be required to take additional coursework in the language.

Transfer Students

Transfer students majoring in one of the modern languages must complete at UMSL a minimum of 12 graded hours in language courses at the 3000 level or above with a grade point average of 2.0 or better in these courses.

Native Speakers

Native speakers must complete at least two courses at the 3000 level and four courses at the 4000 level to obtain a major in their native language.

Welcome from the Chair

Modern Languages Major