All pre-optometry students must be advised by Nick Palisch in the UMSL College of Optometry, to ensure that all requirements will be met for admission to the College of Optometry.  Contact Mr. Palisch at 314-516-5139 or

Two courses in Biology and their labs are required:

BIO 2402, Vertebrate Biology (3) and BIO 2403, Vertebrate Biology Lab (2)
BIO 3802, Vertebrate Physiology (3) and BIO 3803, Vertebrate Physiology Lab (2)

Two additional science or mathematics courses from the following list:

CHEM 2612, Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 2622, Organic Chemistry 2
MATH 2020, Differential Equations
PHYS 2113, The Structure of Matter  

Six additional courses from the following list, with no more than three from any one discipline:

BA 2900, Legal Environment of Business
FIN 3560, Practice of Personal Financial Planning
INFSYS 3847, Web Design
INFSYS 3848, Security and Information Systems
MKTG 3720, Management of Promotion
COMM 3332, Intercultural Communication
ANTHRO 3215, Aging Across Cultures
PSYCH 2270, Developmental Psychology: Infancy, Childhood & Adolescence
PSYCH 2272 or GERON 4280, Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging
SOC or GS 2103, Gender Roles in Society
SOC or PSY 2160, Social Psychology
SOC 4338, Sociology of Health
SOC or GS 4360, Sociology of Minority Groups
SOC or GERON 4361, Social Gerontology           

The following courses are suggested electives that will not count for the BIS Area of Study, but will assist the pre-optometric student with cultural differences experienced during clinical work, and will count toward overall credits for graduation.

ANTHRO 1025, World Cultures 
ANTHRO 1041, Sex and Gender Across Cultures

Courses in Modern Languages, including American Sign Language