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Sample Programs for BIS

A Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program can be devised from any combination of approved courses that reflect a student’s individual intellectual focus or career goal.  The Statement of Educational Purpose should explain how these courses are linked together.

A BIS degree program is developed from existing courses at UMSL.  In some cases, a student may choose to complete an existing minor or certificate, and add more courses from other subject areas to complete a degree.  Interdisciplinary minors and certificates include many topics such as Gender Studies, International Affairs, and Nonprofit Administration.  Please see the right-hand link for a complete list of UMSL Majors, Minors, and Certificates.  In other cases, a student may create an interdisciplinary program based on topics for which no current major, minor, or certificate exists, such as Pre-Optometry.  The links on the left provide lists of courses in the Bulletin that could be used for such programs.  Before completing an application form, students should consult the most recent Bulletin and Course Schedule to verify that specific courses of interest are being offered.

Some courses for the BIS degree may be accepted for transfer credit even if they are not offered at UMSL, as long as they are transferred in from other accredited colleges and universities, and they are justified by the student’s Statement of Educational Purpose.