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Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies

A certificate in gerontological studies, a multidisciplinary course of study, is available at the University of Missouri‑St. Louis. This program provides an opportunity for students to obtain a focused specialty in gerontology in addition to their majors. It utilizes offerings in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, the College of Business, and the College of Education. It is appropriate for students in any of the colleges of the University.

Certificate Requirements

A student may earn the certificate in gerontological studies by completing a total of 15 hours. The student must meet with the Director of Gerontology to develop a balanced plan of study. No more than 3 credit hours from Research/ Practicum Experience courses will be allowed. The student must have the approval of the director of the gerontology program before enrolling in the course. Courses taken to fulfill the requirements may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. New courses continually are added, so it is advisable to check with the director each term. Many courses are cross‑listed and also have a gerontology designation.

The current Bulletin webpage for the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology.


GERON (PHIL) 2256, Bioethics

Social Sciences

GERON (INTDSC) 1220, Special Topics in Gerontology
GERON (INTDSC) 2170, Aging in America Concepts and Controversies
GERON (PSYCH) 2272, Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging
GERON (PSYCH) 2280, Psychology of Death and Dying
GERON (ANTHRO) 3215, Growing Old in Other Cultures
GERON (SOC) 4361, Social Gerontology
GERON (PSYCH/SOC WK) 4376, Mental Health and Aging
GERON 4490, Directed Readings
GERON (SOC WK) 4680, Introduction to Gerontological Practice
GERON 4700, Successful Aging: Individual & Societal Perspectives