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Evolutionary Studies Certificate

The undergraduate certificate program in evolutionary studies is designed to provide a unifying perspective on the diverse subject areas of a liberal arts education. Evolutionary biology provides a link between the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. The core of the program is BIOLOGY 1999, Evolution for Everyone, a course on evolution for students who are not majors in biology. (Biology majors who participate in the EoS program must take Biology 3302 instead.) In addition to this one required course, students must fulfill 20 credits from the list of courses designated below. No more than 8 hours can be taken at the freshman level, and at least 8 hours must be taken at the junior-senior level (3000 level or above).

Courses in the Physical and Life Sciences

ASTRO 1011, Planets and Life in the Universe
BIOL 1202, Environmental Biology
BIOL 1821, Organisms and the Environment
BIOL 1999, Evolution for Everyone
BIOL 2012, Genetics
BIOL 2102, General Ecology
BIOL 2402, Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 2501, Biology of Plants
BIOL 3102, Animal Behavior
BIOL 3122, Tropical Resource Ecology
BIOL 3302, Introduction to Evolution
BIOL 4102, Behavioral Ecology
BIOL 4112, Evolution of Animal Sociality
BIOL 4182, Population Biology
BIOL 4402, Ornithology
BIOL 4422, Entomology
BIOL 4442, Developmental Biology
BIOL 4501, Seed Plant Diversification

Courses in the Social Sciences

ANTHRO 1005, Biological Anthropology
ANTHRO 2105, Human Variation
PSYCH 1003, General Psychology
PSYCH 2200, Drugs and Behavior
PSYCH 2205, Human Sexuality: Psychological Perspectives
PSYCH 2211, Introduction to Biological Psychology
PSYCH 3205, Evolutionary Psychology
PSYCH 3390, Directed Studies
PSYCH 3500, Health Psychology
PSYCH 4300, Introduction to Psychopharmacology: Drugs and Mental Illness
PSYCH 4311, Psychology of Nonverbal Behavior
PSYCH 4330, Hormones, the Brain, and Behavior
PSYCH 4349, Human Learning and Memory
PSYCH 4356, Thinking and Cognition
PSYCH 4361, History and Systems of Psychology
PSYCH 4374, Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology

Courses in the Humanities

ENGL 4030, Evolution, Literature, and Film
ENGL 4080, Cognition, Emotion, and Narrative
PHIL 2280, Minds, Brains, and Machines
PHIL 2281, Darwinism and the Philosophy of Biology