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Certificate in Advertising

A student may receive the Certificate in Advertising by completing 15 hours of selected course work and 3 hours of a practicum or an internship from the following list of courses.  A GPA in courses for the certificate must be 2.0 or better, and nine of the 18 hours must be taken at UMSL. Courses may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

MEDIA ST 1100, Introduction to Advertising
MEDIA ST 2080, Advertising Copywriting
MEDIA ST 2090, Creative Advertising
COMM ST 1150, Introduction to Public Relations
MEDIA ST 2211, Introduction to Digital Multimedia Production
MEDIA ST 2220, Promotion Essentials
MEDIA ST 3025, Current Issues in Advertising
MEDIA ST 3334, Media Planning
MEDIA ST 3338, Advertising Techniques
MEDIA ST 3355, Media Law and Regulation
COMM ST 4035, Integrated Approaches – Public Relations, Advertising, and Promotion
MEDIA ST 1195, 150-hour Practicum* (Equals a minimum of 3 cr. hrs.) OR
MEDIA ST 3395, 150-hour Internship* (Equals a minimum of 3 cr. hrs.)