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Workshops of the IBCC 2017

This portion of the day will be divided into two sessions, each lasting forty minutes. During each session, you will choose one of the available concurrent workshops from the following topics:

Guest Speakers

Workshop #1

"Attracting Global Talent to Saint Louis"

Vin Ko
Senior Program Manager
St. Louis Mosaic Project
The St. Louis Mosaic Project is an organization that works to attract entrepreneurs from around the world to the St. Louis area. In this workshop, Vin Ko will discuss what it is like working with such a diverse and talented group of individuals. This workshop will also discuss the importance of immigrant businesses to the local St. Louis area.

***This workshop is targeted towards international students

Workshop #2

"Taking the Lead in Global Training"

Lou CountrymanNancy Latham

Nancy Latham & Lou Countryman
Senior Training Managers, Global Learning & Performance
Amgen Inc.
In this workshop students will learn what goes into the planning, content development, challenges, delivery methods, and benefits of global training. After a discussion about what the company is and what the company does, this workshop will discuss the importance of global sales training, and challenges and rewards that come with it.

Workshop #3

"Developing Oneself"


Jenny Morr
Assistant Vice President, IT
People often think that after they graduate and leave college, their time for learning is over. More often than not, that is not the case. In the business world, it is crucial to always learn new things in order to stay competitive. Jenny Morr will focus on how individuals can stay competitive after college by adding professional value.

Workshop #4

"Stepping up to the Plate in International Business"


Barbara Smith
CAS / COBRA Administration Specialist
How do people go from just having a job, to being the best worker that the bosses can’t ignore? In this workshop, Barbara Smith will discuss her journey from being a small part of a company, to being the female CFO of a multinational corporation. She will also discuss the challenges and rewards of being a woman in working in International Business.

Alumni Panel

"From Training to Olympian - The Journey of Success"

Billy S.

Matt Coker Ala
Billy Sandoval
Matthew Coker
ATG - Advanced Technology Group
Ala Al-Lozi
UMSL Accelerate
“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” It’s a daunting question but one that we all have to face. Come hear from UMSL alumni who were once in your shoes but were able to make their dreams of working in international business a reality and learn what you need to do to accomplish the same.

Lunch and Learn

1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Room 202
"Successful business via innovation, ethics, and sustainability"


Claudia Barona, CMO & Andres Lopez Benavides, CEO
Come and learn about the origins of Andres' and Claudia’s business, Lifepack. They will show how they overcame economic and cultural obstacles in order to establish their business here in St. Louis as well as their commitment to sustainability in their employment practices and products.
Lifepack is an effort to combat paper, plastic, and Styrofoam pollution in the modern world. The products made by the company are made from natural fibers so they biodegrade, and they contain seeds. This means that after the products are used they will disappear and plants can grow in their place.

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