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International Business Career Conference 2016

"Your Connection to a Global Future

This year’s 8th Annual International Business Career Conference, themed “Your Connection to a Global Future”, was held at the University of Missouri Saint Louis, and it did not disappoint. It was the biggest conference to date, and broke last year’s record by more than 100 registrations. Year after year, this conference has continued to grow, while connecting students with business professionals in an interactive setting. 

The committee of students involved in organizing the conference worked under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Vining. She has been advising student organizers each year since the establishment of the conference in 2009. This year’s students have been meeting since late August completing a crowd-funding project, generating interest on many campuses, communicating with all of the speakers and donors, while working together as a team to put on one of UMSL’s International Business Institute’s premier events of the year. 

The conference started off with a warm welcome from Dr. Joseph Rottman, an UMSL alumnus as well as the Department Chair of Global Leadership and Management and Director of the International Business Institute. Dr. Rottman introduced Dean Charles Hoffman who got the conference started, which was then followed by the introduction of Scott Bell, the keynote speaker and Vice President of Global Sales Programs at Siemens SISW.  The conference committee changed things up this year by moving the executive panel to follow the keynote speaker on the schedule. Find the full program of the 2016 IBCC here.

On the executive panel was Turbo Sjogren, Vice President of Air Force Fighters and Aircraft Sustainment at Boeing; Peter Smith, Vice President of Global Franchising at Enterprise Holdings; Shaker Sadasivam, President and CEO of SunEdison Semiconductor; and Amber Simpson, Vice President of Multicultural Strategy at US Bank, who were all moderated by Tom Wilson, Vice President of Global Communications and Marketing at Monsanto. It is a tradition to have to catch a stress ball during the Q and A portion of the discussion, if you want to ask a question. This acted as a way to get students to loosen up while also seeing the other side of the executives. Many students took advantage of this opportunity by asking the panel of experts questions firsthand while getting a souvenir in the process. 

This was a great event, which provided a unique educational experience to more than 500 registered people and was free to all who attended. This conference exposed students to business professionals with real world experience and would not have been possible without the dedicated International Business Career Conference Committee, International Business Institute, all the volunteers, speakers, and donors. 

IBCC 2016 Workshops

"Connecting With The World Around You"
Rick Spiekermann, Nestlé Purina

"Connecting The World to St. Louis"
Betsy Cohen, St. Louis Mosaic Project

"Your Ticket to Connecting with International Customers"
Ric Baldini, Zoltek

"From Departure to Destination"
Sheena Crompton, Boeing
Carlos Suarez, JCI
Samantha Greminger, Thomson Reuters)

"The New Generation Takes Off"
John Clark, Masterclock

Lunch and Learn: "Connecting People for a Better World"
Theresa Carrington, The Blessing Basket Project

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