Gilles Cottier
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

Gilles Cottier takes over as President of SAFC, the fine chemicals custom manufacturing and services business division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, beginning January 1, 2009.

In a diverse Sigma-Aldrich career that spans 22 years, Cottier brings a wealth of global expertise and experience in fine chemicals and research chemicals that will help drive forward SAFC’s continued growth using the company’s customer-focused business strategy.

Born in southern France, Cottier gained his qualifications in organic chemical engineering from the Ecole Superieure de Chimie Industrielle de Lyon and began his professional career as a business consultant in France and in the U.S. In 1986 his Sigma-Aldrich employment began with selling bulk materials for SAFC Bulk Chemicals, the division that is now known as SAFC.

Cottier was instrumental in the successful premiere of the company’s bulk fine chemicals initiative and began what is now referred to as the SAFC business in parts of Western Europe in the early 1990s.

Early in his career, he opened Sigma-Aldrich’s France office, becoming its first country manager, and also started the company’s business offices in Spain. In 1999 he served as Vice President for International Sales and Operations, with a focus on Canada, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. He began the company’s focus and presence in China with the opening of an office in that region. From 2003-2005 he served as Vice President of Sales for the U.S., with responsibilities for both research chemicals and SAFC materials. In July, 2005, Cottier was promoted to President of the Sigma-Aldrich Research Essentials business, where he served until his appointment to his current role as President of SAFC.

Cottier’s focus on growth in the Asia-Pacific regions and his track record in developing a European foothold for Sigma-Aldrich brings tremendous experience to his new position. His understanding of the India and China regions, leadership in global business development, focus on supply chain and experience in customer responsiveness make him an excellent fit for his new role as SAFC President.

Cottier now holds dual U.S. and France citizenship and lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Margot. He serves as a member of the International Business Advisory Board of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.