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I Chose UMSL Award

Are you a recent UMSL Bachelor’s degree graduate who is thinking about going back for a Master’s degree?  Now is the time!  The Graduate School is providing $500.00 “I Chose UMSL” awards to selected UMSL graduates who return to pursue their first Master’s degree.

About the I Chose UMSL Award

The 'I Chose UMSL' award program began in Fall 2014.  About 30 scholarships were awarded to students who had received their Bachelor’s degree from UMSL within the last year.  Eligibility for these awards was expanded to students having received an UMSL Bachelor’s degree within the past 5 years.  The Graduate School expects to award about 50 scholarships each semester.

Qualifications for an Award

Each recipient will receive a one-time $500 award upon enrollment in a Master’s program at UMSL. 

Students must be recommended for an award by the Graduate Program Director for the degree program to which they are applying.  

Applying for an award


Students selected for an award will be notified by the Graduate School within approximately two weeks of receipt of application.