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Noncredit Certificates

Individuals can earn any of four Chancellor's Certificates offered through the Public Policy Administration program:

Planning and Zoning
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Planning & Zoning Certificate Program
PPA offers a noncredit certificate in Planning & Zoning certificate aimed at municipal/county planners, zoning officials, elected officials, city council members, and others seeking to learn more about local planning and the decisions involved.

Certificate in Volunteer Management
Recognizing the need for professional development in the critical field of volunteer management, MVMA, and PPA's Nonprofit Management & Leadership Program, offers classes and events that individuals can use to qualify for a noncredit Chancellor’s Certificate in Volunteer Management

Certificate in Fundamentals of Economic Development
The Fundamentals of Economic Development covers economic and community development concepts and tools to attract, assess, and support development and redevelopment opportunities in our communities.

National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers Certificate Program 
The PPA program offers a certificate program in Public Administration to county financial officers who have successfully completed courses in state and national treasury policy and management. The criteria for certification was developed in collaboration with The National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers (NACCTFO) and includes courses in organizational and personnel management, public relations, fiscal management, budgeting, management information systems, economics, and federal legislative process.

To earn certification, participants must be serving as a

By completing educational credits, individuals advance through four levels of certification:

Program participants can view: Credits by Conference or Certification Totals

For more information about NACCTFO and Certification, see the NACCTFO Professional Certifcation Program site.