G-1 Recommendation for Admission of a Student not Meeting Regular or Restricted Admissions Requirements

G-2 Application for Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship

G-3 Transfer Credit Request

G-4 Request for Change from Provisional to Regular or Restricted Status

G-5 Petition for Transfer from Restricted to Regular Graduate Status

G-6 Incorporation of Non-Matriculated, Post-Baccalaureate Work at UM-St. Louis into a Graduate Degree Program

G-7 Petition for Course Overload

G-9 Petition for Waiver of Residence Requirement

G-11 Request for Tuition Scholarship for GTAs/GRAs/Fellows

G-12 Graduate Research Assistant Fellowship Application-DO NOT USE. Replaced with Revised G-11 form (above)

G-13 Non-Resident/Resident Tuition Differential Fellowship Application for a Graduate Student Holding an Externally-Funded Fellowship-DO NOT USE. Replaced with Revised G-11 form (above).

G-14 Graduate Equivalency Credit **Updated July 2015 - Requires Adobe ID Digital Signature
 - How to Video -http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-acrobat-9/creating-a-selfsigned-digital-id/

G-15 Request for Exemption from International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Seminar