Welcome to the Graduate School! We hope you find your experience both rewarding and enjoyable. If you ever have any concerns and don't know where to turn, please contact the Graduate School office at (314) 516-5900 or at gradschool@umsl.edu.

  • Student number. You were assigned a student number upon admission to Graduate School.  It's at the top right of the official admission letter you received.  You will use this number in all your dealings with the university.  We do not use social security numbers in order to protect you from identify theft.
  • Activating your SSO ID and e-mail account.  Set up or retrieve your SSO ID (single sign-on) and password at http://sso.umsl.edu.  Your SSO ID will allow you access to your student email account, the MyView student system, and much more. Your e-mail account will be activated as soon as you are accepted into the Graduate School. Please be aware that your student e-mail account is the University's official means of correspondence with you. You should check your e-mail account often to ensure you receive notifications from Graduate School, Cashiers, your advisor, and other university offices. 
  • Program Advisor.  Typically, you will consult your advisor in selecting courses each semester and sketching your plans beyond the degree.  Each program has a way to assign an advisor.  If you'd like to change advisors, you can normally select someone you would like to be your advisor,  Ask whether he or she would be willing to play this role.  Also check program information for your Program Director's information and for a list of required courses.
  • Student ID cards are required, and can be picked up from the Triton Card office, located at 190 Millennium Student Center, once you have registered for classes.
  • Parking. If you're planning to park on campus this semester, you will need a parking permit, which can obtained from the Cashier's Office, located at 285 Millennium Student Center.
  • Register for classes. Login to MyView to look at courses offered and register for classes. A class may indicate that it requires a consent number. If you wish to enroll in a class requiring a consent number, please contact the department office to request it.
  • Navigating the University website.  The easiest way navigate the university website is from the A-Z index that you'll find on the top right corner of most UMSL web pages.  
  • Graduating on time. Pay special attention to the "Important Dates" section of the Graduate School's home page.  You can access all of the forms that you'll need to print out and submit by clicking on the Forms section .
  • Graduate School Policies. Clicking on the policies tab on the Graduate School website gives you details on policies such as residency and transfer of credit.  This is especially important if you have taken graduate-level courses elsewhere that you would like to apply to your UMSL degree.  Each advisor should have sample degree program plans.  If not, all programs are described in the Bulletin. The key to a successful graduate experience is to communicate.  Talk to or email your advisor, faculty members, colleague-students, or the academic coordinator in the Graduate School.  We are all working to support your success!

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