As a graduate student, it is important that you are meeting with your advisor to make sure that you are registering for the correct course work, checking your student email consistently, and meeting deadlines that are required by the Graduate School and other offices on campus.


All graduate students are required to file graduation forms for their degree to be confirmed. Depending on your program and type of graduate degree, you will be asked to meet specific deadlines along the way. It is important to be aware of what these forms are and the deadlines that are attached to them. If you miss a deadline, you may not be able to graduate in the semester that you had planned, or receive a Graduate Examination Fee.

Graduate Examination Fee

The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri requires that only registered students may file an application for a graduate degree/certificate. If you are not enrolled in any classes within the semester that your application to graduate has been filed, you will be assessed a Graduate Examination Fee which is equal to 1 credit hour.  Payment must be made to the Cashier's Office, 282 Millennium Student Center.
*This requirement is listed in the M4/G10 form.


After you have applied to graduate, you will need to register to participate in commencement at . Once you are registered you will need to order your cap, gown, and hood from the Triton Store in 209 MSC. They will require the confirmation email that you receive after registering for commencement. If you have any additional questions you can call them at 314-5763 or order your commencement regalia online.