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FAQ - Graduation

This is a two step process - 

  1. First you must complete Registration's Apply to Graduate, through MyView
    1. Log into MyView - Navigate to - Self Service -> Degree Progress -> Graduation
  2. Complete the Graduate School's M4/G10 Graduation Application - detailed student instructions here

No, you do not have to sign electronically. The M2 and M3 forms can be printed out and signed by hand - but the submission must be via your UMSL e-mail.

Log into the Graduate School’s M4/G10 Graduation Application - the status bar will let you know where your form is in the process.

Please note that, all graduation applications are considered provisionally accepted after the Graduate School has initially approved the application.  Final approval does not occur until the semester has ended and grades have been entered. 

At each step in the process, there is an opportunity for your advisor, Graduate Program Director and the Graduate School to notify you of any discrepancies or issues that will need to be resolved.  These notifications will appear in the app and it is your responsibility, as the student, to be aware of any issues. Our office serves all graduate students, so please be patient as we assess and evaluate the graduation applications.
Commencement is the graduation ceremony - participating in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee that you will receive your degree.
The final day to for grades to be entered is always the week after commencement, for all degrees - except for doctoral degrees.  Doctoral degrees are awarded at commencement. Master's, Ed. Specialist Degrees and Graduate Certificates will be awarded after all grades are entered and degree requirements have been met - typically, this check begins the third week of May, August and December. You can register for commencement at
Information about the ceremonies can be found at

You can register online here -

Caps, gowns, and master's hoods will also be available at the University Bookstore during and after the Grad Fair. You will receive information concerning the fair about midpoint during the semester. All students must register for commencement prior to ordering graduation regalia.

If you are a Master's student, you can participate in either May or December's commencement ceremony.  In order to participate, you'll need to register at
If you are a doctoral student, all of your requirements must be fulfilled before participating in commencement.  This means that if you complete the requirements for your degree in August, you can choose to participate in the Graduate School hosted doctoral ceremony in August - or the full ceremony in December.
All diplomas and graduate certificates are mailed to students 6 to 8 weeks after the ceremony regardless of participation.  Please check to ensure that your mailing address is current in MyView.