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An oral examination in defense of the dissertation for the degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Karen LaFever
M.Ed., Secondary Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1995
B.A., Education, St. Louis University, 1990

The Effect of Co-Teaching on Student Achievement in the Ninth Grade Physical Science Classroom



Co-teaching is a method that is increasing within schools across the nation as educators strive to leave no child behind. It is a costly method, having two paid instructors in one classroom with an average of 24 students shared between them. If it significantly increases the achievement of all students, it is well worth the costs involved. However, few studies have ever analyzed the effectiveness of this method on student achievement. This research follows the academic accomplishments of students in a ninth grade physical science course. Nine sections of the course “Force and Motion” are taught with a single teacher, one is led by a science-certified and special educator, and another is co-taught by two science certified teachers. Although the results show significance in the presence of a co-teacher, there is a minimal effect of co-teaching in this limited study.


Date: November 6, 2012

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Place: E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center


Defense of Dissertation Committee


William C Kyle, Ph.D.

Cody Ding, Ph.D.


Joseph Polman, Ph. D.

James Shymansky, Ph.D.