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The Master of Science in Gerontology (MSG) and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology (GCG) programs are now inactive. Students presently enrolled in these programs will finish out their degrees, but no new students will be admitted. As of this time, the Minor in Gerontology and the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies (UCGS) programs will continue to operate and admit students.


Our Master of Science in Gerontology (MSG) is our ultimate professional degree for aging-related practice. The MSG pairs well with just about any undergraduate major or even another Masters degree. For example, a graduate with a degree in marketing may pursue the MSG in order to better communicate about products and services with seniors. Business opportunities are aging are skyrocketing, in fact, especially in the areas of technologies to support health, function and positive quality of life. A psychology or nursing graduate might pursue the MSG in order to work in research or with respect to a specific disease, such as Alzheimer disease. In fact, a number of our graduates in recent years have obtained research-related positions with Washington University School of Medicine. The MSG is also an excellent foundation to pursue doctoral studies. Three of our recent graduates are doing just this at UMSL (clinical psychology) and Saint Louis University (social work, neuroscience).

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Program-wide Learning Objectives

"I had an excellent opportunity with work one-on-one, I feel, very closely with a lot of my professors.  I had a great opportunity to be a graduate research assistant to Dr. Margo Hurwicz, which fit nicely……It was a beautiful blend or marriage of hands-on, like actually getting to do primary and secondary research with Alzheimer’s Disease."  Rachel Lugge, MSG (2007 Graduate)



"What I found in being a graduate student at UMSL was that I had the freedom to dream as big as I wanted to dream.  My main point that I really stress about my education at UMSL is that I felt that I mattered and I felt that someone was going to be to help guide me down that path, to point me in that direction."  Torrey Johnson, MSG (2010 Graduate)