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Multimedia in the Classroom

Video and audio clips of older adults in various settings/situations are used extensively in the Gerontology Program to enrich the learning experiences of our students. it is one thing to study aging in a book or view facts on a slide. It is another to see and hear a real person tell their story!

Dr. Meuser's Gerontological Assessment (GER-SW 6450) and Interviewing Older Adults & Life Review (GER-SOC 4130) classes both utilize video extensively, for example. Students in 6450 are video recorded while conducting a full, in-home assessment of an older adult with multple problems. A professor actor plays this older adult and the experience is as "real" as we can make it. Students review videos of their mock assessment sessions so as to improve their technique and gather data for written reports. Those in 6130 conduct and record life story interviews with older adult volunteers from the community. The video footage aids in learning and is also edited to develop a "keepsake DVD" for the older adult to share with family and friends. 6130 is an official service learning class of the University.

The Interviewing class is also part of Dr. Meuser's year-round Life Review Project. Adults, age 60+, volunteer to tell their life stories on camera. Gradudate students conduct the interviews, edit the footage, and provide a keepsake DVD back to the volunteer. Volunteers sign a consent form allowing clips from their video-recorded stories to be shown for educational purposes in the future.

Education Videos from Years Past

The following videos were produced by Dr. Meuser and his colleagues, some while he was a faculty member at Washington University, to provide topic-specific education in the community and in the classroom. Questions? Contact Dr. Meuser at or 314-516-5421.

Physician Evaluation of At-Risk Older Drivers in Missouri (2015)A 15 minute primer on how to evaluate and document medical findings for Missouri Driver License Bureau officials. Funded by a $40K grant from MoDOT.
CLICK HERE to view.

A Video Series on Geriatric Care of Older Adults (2014)Shot in partnership with the Geriatric Education Center at Saint Louis University. Funded by a $40K AHRQ Grant.

Tapestries Model of Life Review: A Training DVD for Social Service Professionals (2008)
A 2-Hour DVD based on a workshop held on the UMSL campus in October 2008. Project funded by a $2,500 grant from the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis.
Contact Dr. Meuser for details.

Training Curriculum & Cited Driver Worksheet, Driver Examination Division, Missouri State Highway Patrol (2007)
A multimedia training curriculum (including video case examples) concerning older driver safety with an emphasis on what law enforcement can do to recognize potential problems, document their observations, and refer for appropriate follow-up intervention. Developed a new internal form (Cited Driver Worksheet) to assist driver examiners and patrol officers in this process. VIEW HERE.

Prepoznavanje simptoma gubljenja pamc'enja i pristup uslugama: Obrazovni program za Bosansku zajednicu (2005)
Recognizing Symptoms of Memory Loss and Accessing Services: A Video for the Bosnian Community      
A 30-minute video for education of Bosnian Americans. Developed through the Washington University ADRC in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association – St. Louis Chapter, the International Institute of St. Louis, and Bi-Lingual International Assistant Services of St. Louis. Distributed nationally through the Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center, National Institute on Aging until 2011. VIEW HERE.

The Experience of Lumbar Puncture: A Training Video for Research Participants
Developed through the Washington University ADRC. Distributed nationally to research sites of the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study, National Institute on Aging. VIEW HERE.

Reflections on Memories Lost: Stories of Early Alzheimer’s (2002). A 30-minute video on early dementia for community education. Developed through the Washington University ADRC in partnership with the St. Louis Black Repertory Theater Company of St. Louis and the Alzheimer’s Association – St. Louis Chapter. Distributed nationally through the Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center (ADEAR), National Institute on Aging, until 2011. VIEW HERE.