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Upcoming Program(s)

No programs planned at this time.


We sponsor and co-sponsor various educational events throughout the year. We've offered programming in the past on life review in aging, narrative medicine, ethics in long-term care, the benefits of artistic pursuits in advancing age, health disparities in cognitiev aging, and a host of other topics. We are always open to co-sponsoring programs with community organzations and other academic institutions. Please contact Program Director, Dr. Tom Meuser, to discuss your ideas for collaboration.

Select Past Programs

2018 Medicare Training

2017 Lunch & Learn with Folklorist Dr. John Kay - View Flyer

2017 Arts, Health & Aging Lecture - View Flyer

2017 Creative Aging Workshop - View Flyer

2017 Medicare Training - View Flyer

2016 Medicare Training - View Flyer

2015 Transportation in St. Louis County Workshop - View Flyer

2015 National Medicare Training - View Flyer

2013 National Medicare Training  -  View Flyer

2013 Health Disparities in Cognitive Aging Colloquium  -  View Program

2013 Generativity Awards for UMSL Jubilee  -  View Flyer

2012 Behavioral Gerontology Workshop  -  View Flyer

2012  The Art of Aging Conference  -  View Flyer

2011  Aging in China Lunch & Learn  -  View Flyer

2010  Narrative Gerontology & Medicine Workshop  -  View Flyer


"An UMSL gerontologist is a person who has gotten lot of hands-on experience and application experience.  There again, I feel, that I was able to take everything I learned in class and actually apply it.  I can say that I am an UMSL gerontologist because I was taught how to apply everything single thing that I have learned and actually apply it right out.  I have looked at other gerontology programs, but I don’t see in their curriculum where they specifically speak about the hands-on application part of it.  I think that’s what sets UMSL apart probably from any other gerontology program is that you are encouraged to apply everything you learn in class to what you will actually be doing in your field."  Martin "Mileko" Coopwood, MSG  (2010 Graduate)