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The Gerontology Program is a multi-disciplinary, degree-granting unit of the Department of Sociology, Gerontology & Gender (SGG) at UMSL.

Gerontology Program
University of Missouri – St. Louis
1 University Blvd.
574 Clark Hall *
St. Louis, MO 63121

Tom Meuser, PhD, Program Director: 574A Clark Hall / 314-516-5421 /

Rachel Craft, PhD, Advising & Practicum Coordinator: 702 SSB Tower / 314-516-5141 /

Tiffany Seipel, Administrative Assistant: 574 Clark Hall / 314-516-6020 / 

Colleen Milne, Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for Gerontology: 574D Clark Hall /

Brianne Overton, MA, Dr. Meuser's Personal GTA: 574B Clark Hall /

UMSL Life Review Project:  Email Dr. Meuser for details.

* Clark Hall is in the center of the north (main) campus just north of the Thomas Jefferson Library. Visitors should enter the campus via Natural Bridge Road and University Drive. Turn right at the first stop sign, go down the hill staying in the left lane. Once you pass the JC Penney Conference Center on your left, you will see a visitor parking lot and our new Health & Wellness Center. Turn left and park in the visitor area. Clark Hall is immediately across the grassy quad from the Health & Wellness Center and left of the Pedestrian Bridge. There are two blue dumpsters by the rear entrance. Enter there and take the elevator to the 5th floor to visit with Dr. Meuser or other members of our staff.


"My practicum helped me learn a lot about patient advocacy, which is big in social services and long term care. It helped me learn about different resources, some of the State regulations, the rights of residents that we have.  Formed connections and resources through my practicum."  Liz Yates, MSG  (2010 Graduate)