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Alumni Stories

Creating Paths & Opening Doors

UMSL Gerontology helps students reach their dreams. As the older adult population continues to age, the opportunities within the field will continue to flourish. Below, four alums share their stories about their experience within the UMSL Gerontology program and how they are making a difference today. From research to direct service, these stories provide insight into what is possible in the field of gerontology.


"In my work, I use something I learned at UMSL nearly every day."

-Catherine Ray, Geriatric Care Manager


"The practicum experience helped me to connect with other professionals in the area, giving me oppportunities I never could have imagined."

-Melissa Stone, Doctoral Candidate in Experiential Psychology


"UMSL Gerontoloy nurtured the empathy, compassion, and deep value of diversity that is vital to working with elders."

-Kim VanCamp, Resource Service Coordinator


"I knew I wanted to pursue a career in dementia research and Dr. Meuser helped sketch out a pathway through the program that would help me achieve that goal." 

-David Ruvolo, Dementia Researcher