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Kim VanCamp

Kim VanCamp, Resource Service Coordinator

Kim VanCamp has a wholehearted passion for the aging population. After reviewing gerontology programs available in St. Louis, she chose UMSL’s Masters of Science in Gerontology. Kim shares that she was drawn to the variety of learning opportunities that blended lecture, discussion, and direct practice in multidisciplinary settings.  From her first meeting with Dr. Meuser, she knew that she would receive a comprehensive and diverse education that would open doors of opportunity in the future.

Today, Kim works at an independent living facility for older adults as a Resource Service Coordinator.  Her goal is to help residents maintain their independence.  On a daily basis, Kim utilizes her education as she conducts assessments, provides connections to resources, and support to residents as well as their families. What she learned through coursework, hands on experiences, and practicum placements has been essential. Through course work such as Theory and Practice with Older Adults, Gerontological Assessment, and Psychopathology & Aging, Kim built a foundational knowledge while hands-on experiences integrated theory into practice.  Before graduation, Kim was able to work one-on-one with an elders living independently, support people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and observe multidisciplinary interventions. Moreover, she cultivated the, “empathy, compassion, and deep value of diversity,” that are at the heart of working with the aging population.

Kim plans to continue working with older adults within independent or assisted living settings to preserve independence and quality of life.