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David Ruvolo

David Ruvolo, Dementia Researcher


David Ruvolo chose a degree in Gerontology because of its multidisciplinary and application-driven approach to aging studies.  Driven by the goal of becoming a dementia researcher, he was attracted to the ability to tailor his learning experience in a way that would propel him towards his goal.

Over the last few years, David has been a member of several large dementia research studies.  David has contributed to both intervention and non-intervention studies. UMSL’s Gerontology program had a significant impact in making his goal a reality as individual advising and mentorship created a pathway to a career in research.  In addition, a practicum experience at the renowned Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Washington University provided an environment in which David could apply skills learned in the classroom.  Moreover, David highlighted that coursework in clinical Gerontological Assessment and Research Methods were invaluable. "The techniques and practice gained from the Gerontological Assessment course prepared me to conduct assessments with many research participants. The course seamlessly paired lectures with experiential learning, which helped me in my first position as a clinical research rater."

Moving forward, David plans to continue contributing to research that can make a difference in the lives of people with dementia.