Welcome to the School of Fine and Performing ArtsBarbara Harbach

  • Talented and ambitious students
  • Accomplished faculty and staff, recognized nationally and internationally
  • Dynamic and diverse creative academic community
  • Pursuit of knowledge and connections through research and scholarship, performance, and arts practice
  • Relevant, challenging, and innovative curriculum
  • Transformational learning experiences in the classroom, in studios and galleries, in productions, and on stage
  • Internships and hands-on experience with St. Louis metropolitan businesses and arts organizations
  • Student Teaching and Service-Learning in the Greater St. Louis region and beyond
  • The Touhill Performing Arts Center, a world-class venue and teaching laboratory
  • Collaborative partnerships across disciplines
  • Deep civic pride, active engagement, and service
  • Committed leadership among alumni and friends

The School of Fine and Performing Arts at UMSL is all of this and much more. The departments and disciplines represented are all closely linked by their core values to build and facilitate access to information, communication, and connection; elevate the human spirit; provide understanding and historical context; enhance critical thinking; and entertain with imagination, originality, and unique interpretation. Collectively, we celebrate discovery and the pursuit of excellence, with the aim of preparing students with the academic foundation and professional skills needed to accomplish their career and life goals.

I invite you to explore the pages of this website to learn more about us - the people, programs, and opportunities; the Touhill Performing Arts Center; and UMSL at Grand Center. As you will see, the School of Fine and Performing Arts is making important cultural and economic contributions to the region - and educating students is at the center of it all.

Barbara Harbach, Director
School of Fine and Performing Arts