Beginning August 1, 2020, the university will prioritize the support for internal, university-sponsored events and restrict use of campus facilities for external groups. All external client requests will be denied unless an official exemption request is received and approved.


Executive Summary


  • Internal clients are encouraged to consider alternative options for university-sponsored events whenever possible.
  • Staff in UMSL Event Services, the Touhill Performing Arts Center, and Mark Twain Athletic Facility will work directly with campus clients to address needs and determine if an event should be held in person.
  • In-person events will be limited to no more than 30 people unless an exception is granted by the steering committee of the Campus Events Task Force.
  • If internal clients wish to exceed the 30 person limit, they must submit a COVID-19 Event Request Form located on the Event Services website at
  • Regardless of whether an approved university-sponsored event is occurring at an on-campus or off-campus venue, internal clients engaged in events that include a face-to-face format must follow the Foundation Guidelines for Events.


  • External events should not take place on campus during fall 2020.
  • In unique situations external clients may be considered for on-campus venue usage if they have completed a COVID-19 External Event Request Form on the Event Services website
  • In the event an external client is approved for an on-campus event, all Foundation Guidelines for Events will apply to venue usage. External clients are also required to meet additional criteria including:
    • All participants will complete a waiver or acknowledge an acceptable risk clause prior to attending the event.
    • External events may include an additional charge for proper venue cleaning and disinfecting according to CDC guidelines.


All internal events which require an exception to the Foundation Guidelines for Events or external event requests will be reviewed by the steering committee of the Campus Events Task Force. The committee includes:

  • Laura Blevins – Executive Events
  • John Cattanach – Touhill Performing Arts Center
  • Perry Drake – College of Business Administration
  • Dorian Hall – Millennium Student Center/Event Services
  • Nicholas Kedzuch – UMSL Athletics
  • Jessica Mode – Office of Student Involvement
  • Timothy Wombles –Marketing and Communications


COVID-19 Event Request Form (Internal)


COVID-19 Event Request Form (External)