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Sel Dibooglu, Ph.D.

Professor (On Leave)Dibooglu
Department of Economics

Sel Dibooglu is a Professor of Economics at UMSL. Prior to joining UMSL, he was an Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Dr. Dibooglu received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1993, with fields in international finance, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Dr. Dibooglu teaches courses in international economics (trade and finance), macroeconomics, advanced time series, and financial markets. A sample of his work includes  “The Spirit of Capitalism, Growth, and Asset Pricing in a Small Open Economy,” (with T. Kenc) , Journal of International Money and Finance  26(8), December 2007, pp. 1378-1402; “Welfare Cost of Inflation in a Stochastic Balanced Growth Model” (with T. Kenc), Economic Modelling, May 2009, 26(3), pp. 650-658; “The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis, Global Imbalances and Capital Flows: Implications for Reform,” Economic Systems 34(1), March 2010, pp. 3-24; “Measuring Financial Stress in Transition Economies” (with E.I. Cevik and A. Kutan), Journal of Financial Stability. 9(4), December 2013, pp. 597-611; “Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions and Sustainable Policy Mix: Evidence from Emerging European Economies,” (with E. I. Cevik and A. Kutan), Journal of Comparative Economics December 2014, 42(4), pp. 1079-1091; “The Effects of North Korean Threats on Financial Markets in South Korea and Japan” (with A.I. Cevik), Journal of Asian Economics, 43(2), April 2016, pp. 18-26.