carl bassi

Carl J. Bassi, Ph.D.
Director of Research

Dr. Bassi's research involves the development of novel approaches to evaluate the visual system in a number of patient populations.

The goals are to improve disease diagnosis, assessment of progression, and treatment. There are currently four major areas of interest in the laboratory.

1. The development of new devices for the assessment of color vision, visual suppression, and photophobia.
2. Evaluation of the effects of a macular pigment, zeaxanthin, on visual function.
3. Evaluation of color vision in applied settings.
4. Electrophysiological (including electroretinograms [ERGs] and visual evoked potentials [VEPs] as well as psychophysical techniques (including color vision, contrast sensitivity, and stereopsis) are used to assess structure-function relationships in patients with dementia, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other retinal abnormalities.

This work has been funded through Northrup-Grumman Technologies, Zeavision, Missouri Alzheimer's Association, University of Missouri Research Board, and a Weldon Springs award.

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