Ophthalmic Education Institute 

The Ophthalmic Education Institute's goal is to bring unity to the ophthalmic community. Organized in 1964 as Metroptic Inc., the corporation was reorganized as a not-for-profit educational organization in 1994 to better meet the needs of the members.

OEI is dedicated to the concept of high quality eye care delivered by a united health care team, supported by quality optical and pharmaceutical supplies, laboratories, manufacturers and other who support their efforts.

The changing health care delivery scene places increasing demands upon the entire ophthalmic community. OEI's efforts are non-political and are directed towards unifying the components of the eye care delivery team.


  • To provide approved and certified continuing education course for optometrists.

  • To promote the delivery of comprehensive eye care services by the optometrist/ophthalmologist eye care delivery team through educational programs, seminars and conferences.

  • To create public and third party carriers awareness of the need for cost effective eye care delivery without placing unfair financial constraints on the professional provider and /or the supplier support team.

  • To foster fellowship between the components of the ophthalmic community through the annual, "Fred Marvin Memorial Gold Tournament" and other social events.

  • To encourage the optometrist and ophthalmologist to support those ophthalmic suppliers and others who support them in their efforts to provide quality care.

  • To develop a national coalition of those who subscribe to these goals.


  • Membership and fellowship in the only organization open to the entire ophthalmic community

  • Quality approved continuing education courses, seminars and conferences.

  • Introduction to our corporate sponsor optical and pharmaceutical suppliers, laboratories, manufacturers and others who provide special benefits to our members.

  • Pre-negotiated discounts on equipment leases and purchases.

  • Listing in membership specialty directories.

  • Plus many other optional services

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