Program Description
This 54-week program provides advanced clinical experience in all aspects of pediatric optometry and binocular vision patient care. The resident will have the opportunity for interaction and case co-management with other health care and education professionals. The program is flexible and can be adapted to meet the particular interests of the resident.

Program Content
The mission of the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry Residency Program in Pediatric Optometry is to provide high quality, advanced post-graduate education and clinical training in Pediatric Optometry, Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy to qualified optometrists who will contribute to eye care and the profession of optometry. Upon successful completion of this program, the resident will be able to pursue a professional career in a Pediatrics / Binocular Vision patient care, including management of non-strabismic binocular vision anomalies, amblyopia, strabismus and learning related vision problems in private optometric practice or optometric education.  The program instills in its residents a professional and scientific attitude, skills for lifelong learning, a commitment to the profession of optometry and a desire to contribute to the social welfare of the community.

Program Content
The Residency in Pediatrics/Binocular Vision will provide the resident with opportunity for:

• Direct patient care in the Pediatrics/Binocular Vision Service of the College of Optometry's Center for Eye Care locations

• Direct patient care for preschool, special education and regular school children at off-campus school locations

• Supervision of third and fourth year students in the Pediatrics/Binocular Vision and Primary Care Services of the College of Optometry Center for Eye Care locations

• Participation in Emergency Care services

• Weekly meetings and conferences with College of Optometry Pediatrics/Binocular Vision Service faculty

• Providing consultative services to College of Optometry faculty and other health care and education professionals

• Providing didactic and laboratory instruction to optometry students in clinical and vision science courses related to pediatric optometry and binocular vision

• Providing leadership in optometry and graduate student seminars and individual instruction sessions

• Attendance at the annual meetings of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development or the American Academy of Optometry, in addition to regional professional meetings

• Participation in related research with College of Optometry faculty and members of the graduate program

• Opportunities to lecture, laboratory and clinical instruction to doctors participating in College of Optometry sponsored continuing education program


If you have any questions regarding our residency program please contact Julie DeKinder, O.D.