Founded: 1980

Location: Marillac Hall (south-side of campus)

Enrollment: 168 full-time students, 40% male, 60% female

Geographic Representation: 45% from Missouri, 55% from 11 other states with one international student

Degrees Offered: Doctor of Optometry

Faculty: 16 full time, 86 adjunct; 100% hold highest degree in their discipline

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: approximately 8-to-1

Average Class Size: 40 - 46

Graduation Rate: 95% to 98%

National Board Success Rate: 90% to 100% pass all parts before graduation

Placement: 88% of graduates are employed or attending a residency or graduate school at the time of licensure

First Professional Year Profile: Average OAT scores: 328: average incoming GPA of 3.54

Unique Features: Class size 30% smaller than the average of other schools and colleges of optometry; excellent and diverse clinical experience with over 100 externship sites

Scholarship and Financial Aid: Merit and need-based scholarships, Federal financial aid

Students enrolled in the professional degree program are selected from a diverse pool of applicants representing all fifty states, the District of Columbia and fourteen countries. During the rigorous four year course of study students demonstrate that they have attained competency to the level of a new practitioner within ten domains, [Patient History, Optometric Knowledge, Patient Care, Clinical Skills, Record Keeping, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Intra/Inter Professional Consultation/Practice, Professionalism, Systems-Based Practice and Practice Based Learning] assessed via a series of examinations, proficiencies and evaluations of clinical skills. In addition, prior to graduation all students have taken the three-part examination administered by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO). Ninety percent of our students had passed the examinations before graduation compared to the national average of 85%.

Center for Eye Care Patient Statisics

Last update: 5/18/2017