The College of Nursing at the University of Missouri-St Louis seeks to improve nursing practices through active research and subsequent dissemination of findings through scholarly publications. While no absolute standards for scholarly activities have been established, tenured/tenure track faculty exhibit an organized, well-developed program of research that includes tangible evidence of advancement over time. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to work with the Associate Dean for Research to develop written plans for programs of research in order to ensure that the college is keeping up with current healthcare trends and advancing nursing practice.


Collaborative practice is becoming an intricate part in the way we do research, provide services and produce innovative concepts for the nursing profession. As part of the mission, the College of Nursing seeks to advance collaborations within departments at The University of Missouri–St. Louis, UM System and community partners.  With a wide range of research expertise, our faculty members have displayed synergistic relationships with Siteman Cancer Center, CHIPs, American Cancer Society and the Jefferson County Health Department, and among others.

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Rick S. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Professor and
Assoc. Dean for Research
Jaleh Noland
Administrative Assistant

1 University Blvd
University of Missouri-St Louis
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Phone: 314-516-7215

Sheryl Lambert
Lisa Cummings

College of Nursing students Lisa Cummings and Sheryl Lambert presented original research at the Midwest Nurses Research Society annual conference