The successful pursuit of funding is the goal of our faculty at the College of Nursing via internal/external sponsors. Faculty members work closely with the Associate Dean for Research to explore funding opportunities for their area of research. Internal campus sources and System-level funding opportunities are available for initial funding purposes. The expectations of both are to be viewed as funding for pilot studies or initiation of new research directions in order to make future larger scale, extramural funding likely. External funding opportunities are offered through the private sector, government agencies and foundations. 

The increase in external funding is a growing expectation of the university and the College of Nursing. Below is a list of frequently sought after funding sponsors:

Federal and Public Grant Resources

Nursing Research Associations and Foundation Resources

Johnson and Johnson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

If you don't find a grant for your research interest or have an agency in mind but would like additional information, Please contact our Research Assistant, who can assist you in your search for the organizations in your interest area.