A copy of grant applications and all subsequent documentation related to acceptance or denial of proposals are to be maintained in the College's Research Office. Evidence of IRB approvals by all affiliating agencies are to be submitted to the College's Research Office and the University's Office of Research Administration. Approval must be obtained from the University of Missouri-St. Louis' IRB for all research activities and must retain active status for the duration of the study. A copy of any documentation or progress reports required by the funding agency is also to be given to both the University and College Research Office.


Research activities are governed by a number of regulatory and compliance requirements governed by federal and state laws. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties to the University and, in some instances, to the individual. It is the responsibility of each faculty member to be familiar with the relevant University policies and procedures.



eIRB instructions for faculty and students

For additional compliance for research activities, visit the University's Office of Research Administration website.