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Bachelor's Programs

The UMSL College of Nursing recognizes that BSN-prepared nurses have the critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, and clinical experience making them valuable, sought-after members of the health care team. 

The basic baccalaureate nursing degree (BSN) requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and prepares students for the professional nurse licensure examination (NCLEX). General education requirements have a strong liberal arts component including studies beyond the sciences, to prepare students for advancement in the nursing profession. Nursing courses include theory and clinical experiences. Practice in the nursing arts laboratory and experience in acute care and community nursing prepares students for diverse practice settings.

The BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the pre-licensure tracks are fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing (MOBON). Students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree have multiple program options at the College of Nursing:

Bachelor's Program Options

Traditional A Traditional BSN degree program consisting of 2.5 years of nursing coursework for full-time students and 3.5 years for part-time students, once general education requirements are complete. The program is designed for both freshmen and transfer students.   
Accelerated An Accelerated BSN degree program consisting of 15 months of nursing coursework, once all general education coursework is complete. The Accelerated Option is ideal for students with a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than nursing, and for outstanding transfer students.

Note: Completion of any of the Pre-Licensure BSN Options does not guarantee elibility to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam. Applicants should be aware of the restrictions outlined in the Missouri Nurse Practice Act, as well as the Essential Abilities Requirements to be educated as a nurse. Both of these can be found in the BSN Handbook.