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Student Services Staff can assist you in a variety of ways. Advising, registration, and referrals to University services are offered to nursing students through Student Services. Should you have a problem or a conflict of any kind, please come to the Office of Student Services. If the staff at Student Services cannot resolve it, they will refer you to the person who can. Questions about the curriculum, prerequisites, and course requirements should always be directed to an advisor in Student Services.

Student Services is located on the 1st floor of the Nursing Administration Building on South Campus. (South Campus map in PDF)

Staff of the Office of Student Services

Student Handbooks

To assist students, handbooks are available online for the College of Nursing. Any questions about the handbooks should be directed to the Office off Student Services.

BSN Handbook

RN to BSN Handbook

MSN Handbook

Doctoral Handbook

Transcript Evaluation

Pre-licensure & Completion Students
General education courses taken at another college or university are evaluated by the appropriate faculty or the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). Freshman students who have taken courses while in high school must submit official transcripts from the college or university through which the courses were taken.

Nursing courses taken at another nursing school are evaluated by the College of Nursing faculty member who teaches the course. It may be necessary to bring in syllabi from the nursing courses for evaluation.

Students can request a degree sheet listing all transfer and/or UM-St. Louis courses applicable to the program from an advisor in Student Services. A DARS report, which is an automated record of degree progress, is available from an advisor or by following the STARUMSL instructions in the current Schedule of Courses.

Graduate Students
A student wishing to transfer courses during the first one-third of the program must submit syllabi and course descriptions for faculty evaluation.

Advising and Registration


New Students
Students who are attending the College of Nursing - pre-licensure track are required to meet with an advisor through their first academic year. The advisor will review all course requirements and evaluate transcripts, if applicable.

Outreach Students
Students attending classes at outreach sites will receive a form containing a postage paid card each semester which they must return to register. At the beginning of the program an academic advisor will visit the site to do a transcript evaluation. Thereafter the Director of Extended Learning will visit each semester and the Academic Advisor will be available via phone or email to discuss degree planning and registration.

Current Students
We hope to make the registration process as easy as possible for you. Shortly before pre-registration time, you will receive two packets of registration forms: a packet from the College of Nursing will be placed in your student mailbox , located in the student lounge SC2; a packet from the University's Registrar will be sent to your local address. The packet from the Registrar will include your registration date and time which are assigned by class standing: graduate students and seniors first, juniors next, etc. It will be impossible for you to register officially until the date and time assigned by the Registrar; however, when the schedule of courses is available, you may pre-register in the Office of Student Services through an advisor, or by dropping off a completed course request form (Express Registration).Pre-registration holds your space in nursing courses only.

After you have received the necessary forms, you may register in one of the following ways:

To Register With An Advisor

Senior Level Students

Seniors must make an appointment to meet with an advisor for an advising audit during the semester prior to graduation to verify that all requirements will be completed by the anticipated graduation date.

Students will not be permitted to register for their final semester until all transcripts from colleges/universities they have attended, other than UMSL, have been received and all proficiency requirements and/or tests have been passed (i.e., mathematics).

Any video courses taken in the final semester must be completed before the last regular day of classes.

Graduate Students
During the semester prior to graduation, graduate students must make an appointment to meet with an advisor for an advising audit which will verify that all requirements will be completed by the anticipated graduation date.

Other Advising Issues

To Add and/or Drop Course(s)

General Education Courses
It is recommended that students who wish to add or drop a general education course should check with their advisor to verify what effect, if any, this action may have on their progression.

Nursing Courses
To drop or add nursing courses students must meet with an advisor.

  1. Withdrawal from individual courses must be completed by the student following the guidelines outlined in the University Bulletin. (Cessation of course attendance alone is NOT considered official withdrawal from course work.) In order to withdraw passing, the withdrawal must occur before the specified dates as outlined in the Schedule of Classes. It is suggested that students meet with faculty if withdrawing from a course after the specified dates outlined in the Schedule of Classes as faculty have a choice of allowing you to withdraw with an Excused grade (EX), or with a grade of F. The grade you receive will depend on your progress in the course at the time of withdrawal.
  2. Students may NOT enter a nursing course after the first week of the term. No credit will be allowed for a course in which the student is not formally registered.
  3. See University Course Listings for Refund Policy.

Withdrawal from the University
If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from all courses, the student must see an advisor to complete the appropriate forms.

Grade Modification
When the grade received in an initial attempt in a course at UMSL is a D+, D, D-or F, the grade may be replaced in the calculation of the GPA by the grade received in a second or subsequent attempt of the same course at UM-St. Louis. All grades received in second and subsequent attempts will be included in GPA calculations. A maximum of 15 hours may be dropped from the calculation of the student's GPA. All attempts of a given course will appear on the official transcript with the grade(s) earned. The transcript will have an explanation which states that the GPA is calculated using all grades earned in a course except the initial attempt when a course has been repeated and grade modified.

Please note:
Grade modification is NOT automatic. After completing the second or subsequent attempt of the course to be modified, students must process the necessary paperwork with an academic advisor.

Independent Study Guidelines
Independent study is available as an elective means of increasing knowledge within the student's content area. The course number - NS 399 (Undergraduate level) or N 475 (Graduate level), is listed in the course schedule with names of available faculty. The following guidelines are to be followed:

  1. The student is responsible for identifying and initiating contact with a faculty member in whose content area the student is interested.
  2. The student and faculty member must establish mutually agreed upon course objectives and evaluation criteria. The agreement is to be recorded on a form which may be obtained from an academic advisor. This form must be completed PRIOR to registering for the course.
  3. The faculty member provides guidance as needed throughout the course; the degree of independence will vary with student learning objectives.
  4. Credit allocation can vary from one (1) to three (3) credits per semester depending on the nature of the objectives and content requirements. Credit value is calculated as one (1) classroom hour per week = one (1) semester credit. No more than six (6) independent study credits may be used to meet graduation requirements.

Delayed Grades
A student whose work is incomplete at the end of any semester and who has, in the instructor's judgment, sufficient reasons for failing to complete the work, may, with the approval of the instructor, be assigned a delayed grade. Such work must be completed no later than one semester after the incomplete grade is given or the grade automatically becomes an F. The dean may, in unusual circumstances, extend this time limitation. (Summer Session is not counted as a semester.)

Please note:

  1. It is the student's responsibility to request the delayed grade. Faculty may choose to deny the request.
  2. Incomplete grades in prerequisite courses must be removed before enrollment in course work for which the prerequisite is required.

Residency Requirements
BSN students must be in residence for at least 24 of the last 30 hours of graded credit. (Exclusive of courses graded on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis), except under unusual circumstances to be decided by the Dean.

MSN students must complete the final 2/3 of their curriculum at UM-St. Louis.

Taking Courses at Another Institution
Students are required to meet with an advisor before registering for a course at another College/University while attending UM-St. Louis. The advisor will complete an approval form (see appendix) which lists the course and its UM-St. Louis equivalent.

Re-entry Admission - Undergraduate
Students who do not attend UM-St. Louis continuously, (i.e. miss one semester) must submit a request to Reenroll form (see appendix) to the Admissions Office. A 2.5 GPA is required for readmission. If another college/university has been attended during the student's absence from UM-St. Louis, current transcripts must be submitted.

If a student withdraws from college course work, he/she will enter into the nursing curriculum in effect at the time of re-entry. If there have been curriculum changes during his/her absence, the student will need to consider those changes in plans for graduation.

Re-entry Admission - Graduate
Students who do not attend UMSL for one academic year must submit a request to Reenroll form to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Division Change
Any student, currently enrolled in the College of Nursing, who wishes to change his or her major must submit a Division Change Form (see appendix) to the appropriate College or School at UM-St. Louis. Likewise, any student who is a current UM-St. Louis student, but has not been accepted into Nursing and wishes to, must fill out a Division Change Form to be presented to the Office of Student Services at the College of Nursing.

Students enrolled in NS 205: Adult Health; NS 206: Adult Health II; NS 214: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing; NS 215: Nursing of Women & Childbearing Families; and NS 216: Child & Family Health Nursing will take standardized content area examinations for designated courses. Each examination is designed to measure the student's knowledge of a specialized area of professional nursing practice and compares the student's performance with a national pool of students also completing the examination.

In addition, in the senior year, students will be required to take a standardized NCLEX-RN diagnostic readiness examination and computer simulated examination.

These examinations seek to achieve the following goals:

  1. Assess student progress in achieving a professional nursing knowledge base as measured against a pool of other baccalaureate nursing students;
  2. Identify those students with a deficient nursing knowledge base and assist them to develop strategies to improve this knowledge base;
  3. To identify those students whose nursing knowledge base precludes their continuation in the College's baccalaureate program;
  4. To strengthen students' performances on the national nurse licensure examination (NCLEX-RN).

Undergraduate Program Three (3) year Curriculum Plan
Sample plans of study can be found on individual program pages.